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Wallace County receives service through FairPoint Communications. This innovative company is able to provide businesses with cutting-edge communications services. They have demonstrated a commitment to helping their customers achieve their growth and profitability goals. They provide competitive long distance services tailored to fit business needs; dedicated business connections, including T1 service; phone systems; high speed internet; Wi Fi; conferencing services; web hosting; and several more value-added tools. Communications capability include T1 lines with a bandwidth of 1.5. Multiple T1s are available to a location. DSL speeds vary but in Sharon Springs the average is a 1.5 download and 1.0 upload. Several businesses in Sharon Springs currently take advantage of a wide-array of business products. You can visit the FairPoint Communications website at www.FairPoint.com to learn more

Power Capabilities
The City of Sharon Springs receives their main power from the Sunflower plant located in Holcomb, KS. The plant is a coal fire plant and the city belongs to a power pool. The city belongs to KEMA or Kansas Electrical Municipality Association.

Back Up Power: The City of Sharon Springs also owns and operates a local power plant to supply power in case the main power company experiences problems. The City of Sharon Springs has 4 engines that operate on either natural gas or diesel. The engines are capable of generating 3 megawatts of electricity for the town of Sharon Springs. The local power plant can sustain the entire town of Sharon Springs. City officials are confident they can supply additional businesses with the current system. The power plant is manned with an employee 7 days a week/16 hours a day.

Sharon Springs is located at the junction of Highways 27 and 40. Only 30 miles from Interstate 70, this community offers premium transportation opportunities for individuals or businesses. Rail service is available though Union Pacific with this track as one of the primary shipping points through the Midwest.

There are many available and affordable housing options in Wallace County in any of the three towns of Weskan, Sharon Springs, and Wallace. The three towns in Wallace County also have lots and acreage for housing construction. An advantage our community offers is country living located within minutes of our business district. Residents take great pride in their homes and community and offer a great sense of neighborhood for incoming residents.

Wallace County is located in the heart of the Midwest. This rural community boasts two outstanding school districts, a variety of activities and many family-oriented organizations. Individuals demonstrate a true work ethic and a sense of volunteerism which is evident in annual community celebrations such as the volunteer driven Wallace County Free Fair, a community movie theater, our annual car show, and many school activities.

Available Workforce
Sharon Springs is 30 miles from the Northwest Kansas Area Vocational Center which offers a number of training programs including communications and business training. Colby Community College is only 60 miles away with a number of new graduates interested in employment prospects in the area.

Part-time work is a needed opportunity for our local residents. Many of our residents are involved in the agriculture industry and are looking for ways to add off-farm income for their families. In addition many youth are looking for opportunities to stay in our local community and utilize their education and technology knowledge.


Wallace County residents welcome this opportunity to bring new industry to our area. We have worked hard to create an environment which combines the best of community-based services such as a grocery store, banks, law offices, health clinic, and much more with the quiet county lifestyle of a rural community. Additionally, as one of only three counties in the Mountain Time zone in Kansas, we may offer unique options to a call center servicing the rest of the state. Residents are committed to the future of Wallace County and ready to demonstrate our tremendous work ethic and community assets to your organization.


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