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Surrounded by the grandeur of the high plains, Wallace County is rich in history and known for its miles and miles of rolling plains and the endless circle of the horizon.  Re-live the life of the cowboys and early settlers on the plains as you explore Fort Wallace by walking the post cemetery and an 1870’s farmhouse, once a railroad section house.  Take a stroll down memory lane with this quiet little town. The main street that stood so many years ago is still there! Although most of the buildings are unused you can still feel the excitement that once filled the air from the fort. The history that resides in Wallace will take you back centuries ago and take you to a place so unfamiliar to us these days. While in Wallace make sure to stop at the Ft. Wallace Museum, Ft. Wallace Cemetery, Robidoux House and the Ft. Wallace Rodeo.

The Fort Wallace Memorial Museum has wonderful tales to tell of legends that either served or stayed at Fort Wallace, among them were Wild Bill Hickok, “Buffalo Bill” Cody, William Comstock and George Armstrong Custer, along with his seventh army cavalry.

The Bertrand Ranch offers a wide variety of Kansas prairie life for you to enjoy including Prairie dog, Pheasant, Deer, and Antelope hunting; coyote calling; along with great opportunities for Photography.



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