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The Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce that a building bid has been awarded to Deines Construction of Wakeeney. This will commence the long awaited Wallace County Clinic Building Project. The ground breaking is scheduled for December 11th at 11:00 in Sharon Springs on the building site which is located just west of the Wallace County EMT building. Construction work will begin in December if good weather prevails. The building as planned will include space for medical exam rooms, physical therapy and dental operatories.

Janice Fahrenholtz, GWCHF president says, “The Healthcare Foundation is thrilled to enter the construction phase of the clinic project. Equipment needs still remain, but we are moving forward in faith that the people of Western Kansas will respond now that a roomy, modern Wallace County Clinic will soon be a reality.” The Wallace County Clinic project will not only provide space for the growing healthcare needs of the Wallace County community and surrounding areas but will also serve as a hub for additional health services and even hopes to provide additional training and meeting space to the community. The Wallace County Family Practice Clinic and Greeley County Health Services health system has been working to improve technology efforts and resources available to the core service communities of Greeley and Wallace County.

Current Greeley-Wallace County Healthcare Foundation board members include: David Schemm, Tonia Townsend and Chrysanne Grund of Wallace County and Janice Fahrenholtz, Jeri Farmer-Smith, Beth Aeschiliman, and Randy Cardonell of Greeley County. Persons interested in more information may contact a board member for more information.

What does the Wallace County Family Practice Clinic do for Wallace County?

  • Provides medical and clinical staffing in Sharon Springs. Services include primary care, radiology, laboratory, behavioral and educational consults.

  • Employs six Wallace Countians directly at the clinic and another ten through Greeley County Health Services working in the hospital or LTC in Tribune. Over $400,000 in salaries reinvested in Wallace County.

  • Free school physicals for Wallace County children for the past thirteen years.

  • Free services as County Medical Director and EMT Medical Director for thirteen years.

  • Served as Prairie Manor Medical Director and Deputy District Coroner for thirteen years.

  • Obtained grant resources for local and bi-county partnerships including:
    $ - Over $350,000 in prescription assistance for Wallace County Residents 
    $ - Provided computers to Wallace Co Health Dept, Prairie Manor and EMT’s
    $ - Created current prescription assistance program, assistance for last four years to patients with prescription needs
    $ - Brought behavioral health services to Wallace County. Working individually with patients and in schools
    $ - Creation of additional programs to improve access to primary care, behavioral, educational and financial resources
    $ - Student Athletic trainer programs – resulted in scholarships for students

  • Placed a physician assistant to live In Wallace County for five years. Provided after hours care to community.

  • Provide physical therapy services within the county

  • Home visits to residents who are unable to leave their house.

  • Radiology services utilized by patients from both clinics and local chiropractor.

  • Participation in every county health fair.

Why the Wallace County Family Practice Clinic? We’ve worked hard to respond to the needs of Wallace County residents. We truly believe that we’re caring for our friends and neighbors and want to help create a bright future for Wallace County.

Wallace County Community Development Block Grant

Completion Dates  Activity Status
2/01/06  Submit Direct Deposit Forms  Completed
2/01/06 Complete Land Acquisition  Completed
2/06/06 Sign State Contracts  Completed
2/23/06 Check surveys from application  Completed
3/31/06 First Quarterly Report  Completed
4/01/06 Clear environmentals  Completed
4/01/06 Request Wage Rates  Completed
4/01/06 Complete Civil Rights Activity Completed
5/01/06 Project out to Bid  Completed
6/01/06 Project Bid Opening  Completed
6/01/06 Award Contract  Completed
7/01/06 Begin Construction In progress
8/01/06 Monitor Labor Standards In planning
1/08/07 First Monitoring  In planning
1/08/07 First Request for Payment In planning
9/08 Final Monitoring  In planning
9/08 Close out project  In planning


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